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24-7 Prayer - Prayer Room still open

We've decided to keep the Prayer Room at 183 High Street open this week until Saturday for those who'd like a space to come and pray, especially for the current situation in Ukraine.


Pray at 183 or at home - let us know where you'll be praying by putting a letter after your name at sign up:

  • 183 High Street Linlithgow - Please put (L) after your name

  • At Home (Anytime) - Please put (H) after your name


Access & Resources

The 183 Prayer Room can be booked for exclusive use.  Full details of how to access the Prayer Room along with all other information, including resources for praying at home, will be provided in your confirmation email.


Sign Up

You can sign up for 1-hour prayer slots in the calendar below. (You can book more than 1)

If you have any problems using the calendar below you can access it here 


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