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Image by Amaury Gutierrez

Prayer is as easy as breathing, even the youngest of children can do it.  And yet even the most mature of Christians are still asking ‘Lord, teach us to how to pray’.

Prayer is essentially the word we use to describe talking to God. It is about relating to God and can take many forms – we tend to think of speaking, but it’s also about listening, singing, writing or painting and even silence can be prayer.

We can pray for ourselves or for others (sometimes called ‘intercession’).

Daily Prayer

Receive a daily Bible passage and some prayer points by email or through our ‘closed’ Facebook group page.  There are a number of contributors with a variety of styles, but our focus is to see God’s Kingdom come and His will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

To sign up contact the church office.

Special Prayer Events

We organise a number of special events occasionally.  Examples are 24/7 (where we pray for a whole week, day and night signing up for a specific time period) and Prayer Walking.

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