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We are organising a week of prayer and fasting around the Low Port project for everyone in the church to get involved in. There are lots of different ways to take part including if you've never or rarely fasted before!


  • Mon 15 Aug 1pm: in-person at the Low Port Centre. Meet at the main entrance. 

  • Wed 17 Aug 8pm: in-person at Union Road.

  • Mon 15 - Fri 19 Aug: Short prayer times (<15mins), morning and evening​


  • Mon 15 - Fri 19 Aug: fasting-chain!
    Give up one meal (or something else) and pray instead. We'd like to cover the whole week with different people in the church fasting. If you're super keen you are welcome to sign up for more than one slot too! 
    Slots are for morning, afternoon or evening  and you can sign up below - when adding your name please say what you have committed to fast from (eg Lisa - lunch, John - social media)
    Some resources to help you pray will be sent with your confirmation sign up email. 

If you have any problems using the calendar below you can access it here  If you have any questions please get in touch with Alice or Ross for more information. 

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