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Youth @ St john's: What's On?


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During our Sunday morning service we run a bible study group for any young people in S1-S6. There is a dedicated space at the front of the church where we encourage the young people to sit during the first part of the service so that they can build community together and so that if young people come along without families there they feel included in the church family.  They leave after worship to head to the social area. We like to make this a comfortable, safe place to explore the word, works and wonders that are available to us.
The Wednesday night project was formed some years ago after a trip to soul survivor. It is a group which focuses on the BIG questions and allows the young people to discuss their own and explore others opinions. This group meets weekly in 183 High Street at 7-9.30pm. 

 Youth Praise Band




We have a youth praise band and we love to hear young people singing worship to God. We have regular Worship Workshops - dates on the calendar. Come along and explore using the musical gifts that you have. The youth praise band often meet to practice on Sunday afternoons. If you want more information please get in touch.
The band are not exclusive so please just ask if you want to be part of this. 


This is our weekly Friday Night youth club where you can just come along and hang out with your friends. We have split the room into zone's. We have a chill out area, a Wii space, an area for Xbox, some games places including an Air hockey table and a space for crafts and baking. Wow that is a lot in one evening! Come along and have some fun. 7.30pm - 9.30pm


This is an Edinburgh event that we love being part of. We provide transport and enjoy hearing great speakers and mixing with other young people from other churches.   We leave from Union RD at 6.30. Check the church calendar for the next event. 

This is our girls group - it is a safe space for young girls to be mentored and discipled by slightly older girls who have faced some of the dilemas and worries that are in the world and who care about helping others. 
Come along eat food, chat and share.
Venue  - 183 High Street Time - 6.30pm - 8.30pm
Even better come along and bring a friend :)


dr pre 3G and Dre Pre run on alternate Sunday evenings - check out the dates on the calendar. Occasionally they have a joint challange evening which is great fun!!  
This is our guys group (they choose the name) and in a similar way to the girls group it is run by older guys who want to invest in the younger lads to help them through some of the challenges they may face in daily life. 
Venue - 183 High Street Time - 6.30pm - 8.30pm
Again friends welcome. 

Look out for the dates and also the joint events. 



Lorna McIntosh, 02/06/2011